Look beyond the frame! Have you considered coloured contacts?

Would you like to change your look next time you change your eyewear prescription? Think outside the frame of your glasses, and try some funky and fun coloured contacts.

You may have experimented with changes to the colour of your hair, skin and nails. Why not try a temporary change of eye colour?

Where can you get coloured contact lenses?

Visit your optometrist when you decide to make the change from frames to contacts and check that your prescription can be used in a contact lens; most prescriptions are suitable, bifocals included. Seek your optometrist's advice regarding the best colour for your transformation.

Which lens should you choose?

You need to be aware of how the colour of the lens will present in your eye.

Firstly consider what sort of colour-coverage you desire. Most coloured contact manufacturers offer various grades of colour in the lens.

Visibility tint – If you are looking for a temporary change in the colour of your iris, don't be fooled by this one. These lenses are tinted only for the purpose of providing visibility for ease of lens handling. The tint is present in the lens as a means of enabling the user to see the lens more easily when fitting and cleaning the lenses. The tint is not strong enough to alter the colour of your iris.

Enhancement tint – This grade of colour in the lens acts to enhance and intensify natural eye colour, rather than change it. If you would like a subtle sparkle, this is the one to go for.

Opaque tint – This lens is for those of you that are seeking a colour transformation. These lenses are the capable of, temporarily, changing the colour of your iris completely. If you have dark eyes and are looking for a new blue, green, or violet-eyed look, these are the lenses for you.

Try before you buy -

Some optometrists carry a stock of cosmetic—prescription free—contact lenses in various colours, which will allow you to try before you buy. Make sure you can fit and remove the contact lenses comfortably. It may take a couple to attempts but once you have the hang of it you should be fine. There are a small percentage of people however, who feel a little squeamish during the  process of fitting and removing the lens. Make sure you're not one of them before you get too  cash-committed to your transformation.

Keeping things clean -

Make sure you know how to clean your lenses properly. Wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap before handling your lenses and always use the specified lens cleaning solution for your contacts. You want to keep your beautiful 'lash-batting babies' healthy and comfortable, as well as prolong the life of your lenses.  

When cleaned, stored, and handled with care, a pair of contact lenses can last up to six months.

The question of cost –

Cost will depend on your prescription and the type of lens you choose but a coloured contact is likely to be at least 50% more than its comparable non-coloured counterpart.

The fun factor!

The  range of  colours, tonal variations, patterns and designs to choose from, are amazing. Special effects lenses are also available for a more radical look. These can be fabulous for themed parties or if you're after a big reaction from your partner or friends.

Now the big decision is up to you. Which colour, design or pattern will you choose? 

For more information, check out companies such as Eye Society Pty Ltd.