What Your Optometrist Wants You to Know about Eye Tattoos

When you think of body modification, you may think of modification that pertains to the skin only. The truth is, there is a growing number of people who are moving toward eye modification. This modification deals with injecting tattoo ink into the whites of the eyes to change the colour. Though this can usually be done through a professional tattoo artist, there are a few things you should know about the procedure. If this is something you want to do, consider the things your optometrist wants you to know about eye tattoos as a whole.

Have an Optometrist Consultation First

The first thing you need to consider is having a consultation with your optometrist. This isn't to have their opinion on your personal choice of having this modification completed. This consultation is to determine if you have any eye issues that you should know about that could cause issues later. For example, if you have poor vision or are at high-risk for eye issues that are passed down in your family, then this may not be the ideal procedure for you. Once you get the all clear from your optometrist, you can make the appointment with your tattoo artist.

Allergies Can Be a Factor

One thing you may overlook with this procedure are your allergies. You may think that because ink is involved, allergies would not be a factor. The truth is, allergies can play a huge role in the outcome of your eye tattoo. The key point your optometrist would like you to know about this aspect of the eye modification is to avoid certain inks, like red ink. It has been shown that red inks are more likely to cause issues. Make sure before you get the modification done that you are discussing the ink and your allergies with the artist to avoid issues.

There Are Multiple Injections

There is a misconception that this type of eye modification is a single injection procedure. The concept many people who want this procedure have is that the artist performing the modification will just inject once for each eye and let the ink move through the area normally to fill it in. The truth is, there are multiple injection sites. Your optometrist would want you to know that these multiple injections can cause infection.

These are just three of the things your optometrist would like you to know about your plans for getting an eye tattoo. If you still want one done, consider the consultation with both the optometrist and your artist to ensure your safety.