Do You Need to Do Anything Before Cataract Surgery?

If you're having a cataract removed, then you may already know that you'll have to take extra care of your eye after surgery. However, you may also need to do some preparation before you have the surgery itself. What kinds of things should you do?

Stop Wearing Contact Lenses

If you wear contact lenses, then you may be told to stop wearing them for a period of days or weeks before the day of your operation. These lenses affect the way your eyes work; your eyes need a period of time to settle into their normal state before you can have a cataract removed.

Put in Eye Drops

Your hospital or clinic may give you some special eye drops a few days before the cataract is removed. For example, you may get some antibiotic drops to help the eye heal effectively after the procedure. You may be told to put these drops in at regular intervals for a day or two before the surgery. Sometimes, they only need to be used on the day itself.

Whatever instructions you're given, be sure to follow them. These eye drops can help you avoid any post-surgical problems and keep your eye as healthy as possible.

Avoid Wearing Cosmetics

While you may feel a bit naked going out without makeup, you're likely to be told not to wear any cosmetics on the day of your operation. In addition to makeup, you may be told to avoid wearing things like talcum powder, skin lotions, perfumes and aftershaves.

Cosmetics can affect any tests you may need to be done on your eye before the procedure. They may also interfere with the procedure itself. Your facial area especially needs to be clean and sterile.

Have a Shower or Bath

It's a good idea to get a shower or bath in before you have your cataract removed. You're likely to be told not to shower or bathe later in the day itself. If you take showers, you may be told to give it a few days before you shower again.

Washing your hair is also a good thing to do on the day of surgery. While you may get back to showering pretty quickly, you will have to take care not to get your eye wet in the shower. This is hard to do when you're washing your hair.

Depending on the cataract surgery you're having, you may have other things you need to do before your operation. To find out more, talk to your optometrist.